As the years have gone on, the lenses in eyeglasses have gone from fragile pieces of glass that can be easily broken to shatter-proof, lightweight plastics. If you're someone who has a lifestyle that involves high impact sports or athletics, this is great news. However, it's just as important to make sure that the frames you select for your glasses hold up as well as the lenses inside them. Check out this guide to learn what you should look for to ensure that you're getting the strongest pair of eyeglasses frames possible.


As the lenses in glasses have become thinner and lighter, so have the frames supporting them. However, lightweight plastic frames don't sustain impact or weight very well, meaning that any kind of impact on your face, head, or ears could potentially snap the frames in two.

Rather than plastic, you should choose a pair of frames that are made out of a strong metal like titanium or a flexible material like nylon.

Titanium is one of the strongest metals around, and it's still quite lightweight when used in a pair of frames. Nylon is similar in texture to plastic, but it also has some give to it, meaning that it may flex when struck rather than snapping like plastic does. Nylon is frequently used in glasses frames that are designed for athletes to wear while playing sports, so it may be a good choice.

Frame Type

No matter what kind of material your frames are made out of, a thin frame won't hold up as well as a bulkier one. Wire-thin frames are extremely popular because they reveal more of the face, but they can also snap quite easily.

Rather than a wire frame, choose a pair of glasses that use a heavier set frame. Make sure that the ear pieces and the portion that holds your lenses are both thick and durable.

If you're determined to buy wire frame glasses, make sure to at least choose a pair that surrounds the entire lens in wire, rather than the variety that only has a wire support at the top or bottom of the lens.


Finally, ask your eye doctor if there are any frames that come with warranties. While not all manufacturers offer them, some do swear by their products and will replace them if they're damaged during normal use. Buying a pair of frames with a warranty may not guarantee that they're unbreakable, but it will give you a way to get them replaced without opening your wallet.

Wearing glasses when you have an athletic lifestyle can be tough, but it's possible, especially with these tips. Ask a local eye doctor like those found at Wolcott Optical Service LC to help you choose the most durable frames they have available with a warranty to lengthen the lifespan of your glasses.