Once you go through the process of visiting an optician for an eye exam and a new glasses prescription, it's time to begin the exciting process of picking the frames that suit not only your sense of style, but also your appearance. Selecting the right frames is more than just seeing how a celebrity looks in glasses and trying to find a similar pair. What works for one type of face doesn't necessarily work for another; to ensure the frames you choose suit you perfectly, it's important to consider three important factors.

Shape Of Your Face

The shape of your face plays a key role in determining what type of glasses frames look best on you. If you have an oval-shaped, balanced face, it's often possible to find a variety of different frame styles that suit you. If your face has a different shape, however, you have to be a little more selective. In general, the rule is to determine the overall shape of your face and then look for frames that provide contrast. For a broad, square face, for example, you'll likely look best in frames that are a little taller than they are wide. If you have a long, thin face, frames that are wide and narrow can provide a suitable appearance.

Facial Features

Thick plastic frames might suit your hipster personality type, but this style of frames doesn't work for everyone. If you have delicate features -- a small nose, for example -- large-framed glasses can appear bulky and might hide some of your features. Likewise if you have pronounced eyebrows to which you don't want to draw attention, frames that are thick and dark can actually make your eyebrows appear thicker. For someone with heavy facial features, such as a large nose and cheeks, opting for a lighter style of frame or a clear frame can avoid adding extra bulk.

Skin Tone

Take a little time to determine the overall skin tone of your face. The main question is to figure out if your tone is warm or cool, and you can test yourself in a variety of ways. If you select frames that match your skin tone, the frames won't typically appear pronounced -- which allows your facial features to be the main focal point. Frames that provide contrast, meanwhile, will stand out more.

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