Flashing computer screens and televisions, pulsating fluorescent lights and bright sunshine can cause eyestrain, which may lead to headaches or trigger a migraine. Often, trying to stop the pain once it has started is nearly impossible, yet so is knowing when a headache will start. Instead of waiting until the pain has started or taking drugs on a "just in case" basis, or staying in dark rooms, talk to your eye doctor about different colored sunglasses. Here is some information on the why the glasses should be used and how to choose the right lenses for the best results.


While you may not notice until the bulb is about to go out or the screen is getting old, fluorescent lights flicker constantly. Unfortunately the human brain does pick up on this flickering. This can cause the muscles in your eyes to twitch or flicker to keep up with the light. The flickering can cause a seizure in people who are epileptic, or headaches in others. Colored lenses can filter out the flickering and prevent seizures and headaches.

The constant stream of sunlight into your eyes causes you to squint, which tightens the muscles around the eyes. It also causes your pupil to dilate and constrict as you turn your head or eyes to see different things working the muscles in the eyes. The constant constricting and releasing of the muscles can cause headaches. Using colored glasses keeps the light from getting to your eyes to cause a headache.


Visual stimuli can trigger migraines in some people. This can be flickering lights, a certain color or colors, or different patterns. Even when the stimuli is not the cause of the migraine, it can still increase or prolong the pain. Wearing tinted sunglasses will remove or lessen the effects of the stimuli, by making everything you see more neutral, with less contrast to stimulate the brain.

How to Choose the Right Sunglasses

Not everyone is affected by the same colors. When you talk with your eye doctor about colored lenses, the two of you will experiment with different colors to determine which color triggers or increase the pain of headaches and which ones prevent or reduce them.

Once you have found the lens color that works best for you, you should wear the sunglasses any time you are in a lighting situation that may give you a headache. It is always much easier to prevent the pain than it is to get rid of it. To find out more about the sunglasses, speak with a business like Axon Optics.