Glaucoma creates extreme pressure inside your eyes. The pressure builds until it destroys your ocular nerves. It was not until recently that eye doctors recommended LASIK eye surgery to treat glaucoma, because a procedure called filtering microsurgery was believed to be safer and more effective. Now, when you are diagnosed with glaucoma, your best chance at saving your vision and healing quickly is with laser surgery at a clinic like Brandon Cataract Center & Eye Clinic.

Lasers are More Precise

Rather than the scalpel of conventional surgery, the laser cuts with pinpoint accuracy. The width of the laser beam is adjustable. Your ophthalmologist can open or close the end of this surgical apparatus, creating a larger or smaller hole or cut as needed. With glaucoma, the laser width is narrowed to just a couple of millimeters to produce a substitute drainage hole for the fluid in your eyes. The short bursts of the beam leave minimal scar tissue and there is no way that the laser cuts too deep or too large of an opening, since that is all programmed into the accompanying computer.

There Is Significantly Less Opportunity for Infection

Because surgical instruments and gloved fingers do not touch the eye during the laser procedure, you cannot contract an infection from the procedure itself. If you go home and rub your eyes with dirty fingers or something like dust and airborne debris gets in your eyes, you may get an infection. However, the chance is still small since the drainage holes for your eyes are located close to the backs of your eyes, where the natural drainage channels usually sit and drain (but are blocked).

Glaucoma Relief Begins Immediately

As soon as the laser creates these new drainage ports for your eyes, they begin to drain. Within hours after the surgery, you will feel very little pain and pressure in your eyes, and the vision that would have been lost remains intact. These drainage ports help the eyes relax back into their previous shape and size and you can return to prescription eyewear provided by your optician.

Expectations for Your Vision After Laser Surgery

Your vision may have changed slightly prior to surgery, and you cannot regain that because of the glaucoma's effects on the optic nerves, but at least the optical goods your optician has for people with post-glaucoma surgery and vision issues will help you see as clearly as you can. More frequent screenings of your vision will help your doctors keep up with any changes that may require additional surgery later on.